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Do we have any idea when the first issue is actually supposed to be out? the site still says it'll be out Oct 12th, but that's obviously not the case. Updates?
Using this thread for reference:

DDH is presently on hold due to hardware failures. Once we're able to get past them, we'll get rolling again. Issue 2 is almost done, and Issue 3 is in planning stages as I understand it. Unfortunately, nothing can move forward until we get past the major road block we have right now. Once a resolution hits, Caine Hazen or Bull will update everyone.
k cool. thanks. i'm really excited to read it when it eventually makes it to the 'trix
I heard the same problems were holding up holostreets.
I heard the same thing about holostreets. spin.gif
Holstreets is a completely different animal, and I'll leave it at that.
DDH has no connection to Holostreets or any other official product (Catalyst or otherwise). It is 100% fan produced and currently us fans are experiencing technical difficulties as has been stated in numerous threads.
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