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Full Version: Mitsuhama Seattle Corporate Headquarters
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From New Seattle, p. 92:
Seattle Division: Mitsuhama North America, Martin Luther King, Jr. Way and 68th Avenue, Downtown

This doesn't make any sense. Martin Luther King Jr. Way doesn't cross 68th Avenue, which is on Mercer Island, and no where near Downtown Seattle. Am I overlooking something? Avenues run north-south anyway, which Martin Luther King Jr. Way does, too, so they can't even cross even if there was a 68th Avenue in Downtown Seattle. And if this is an accidental misprint, and they mean 68th Street, then it still doesn't make sense because Martin Luther King Jr. Way doesn't run that far north.


For the meantime, my Mitsuhama North American Division towers are on Martin Luther King Jr. Way and Union Street.
VITAS, um, infected all the Union Street signs across the globe. in Seattle, they replaced it with 68th Ave.
EDIT: there's an error in New Seattle, it's just not Downtown. Seattle Guide had it at the same address, but on the southshore of Lake Washington. Searching a map, 68th Avenue South crosses Martin Luther King Jr. Way between Skyway and Tukwila (2 or 3 km away from Lake Washington, but the description only said it dominates all the buildings on the southshore). There is still an error since the coordinates given in my Seattle Guide says 15-I while the aformentionned intersection would actually be in 16-I.
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