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Some ambiguity that could use some clarification:

QUOTE (Arsenal p152)
Melee Hardening: The firearm has been modified so that it can be used in physical attacks and parrying without damage. Barring unusual circumstances, the weapon will not be damaged or unintentionally discharge during melee combat.

I understand that this means I can Parry using my pistol skill. Normally I could use it in Melee attacks as well, using a Bayonet and my Blades skill (Arsenal p150, Arsenal, p32). Since I'm not attaching a Bayonet, do I use my Clubs skill? What DV do I use?

Ruger Super Warhawk
- Smartlink, Internal
- Increased Cylinder
- Firing Selection Change, SA
- Metahuman Customization
- Personalized Grip
- Melee Hardening
AV Rounds

6P -6AP 1RC 8(cy)
May be used by a Troll with no penalty
May be used in melee with no penalty
Check page 17 in arsenal. You want the 'improvised melee weapons' rules. Should answer those questions.
Huh. Somehow, I read right over that. Sorry to waste forum space. Thanks.
De nada. Dumpshock's wonderful for all those tiny clarifications that have you going 'duh' later.
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