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Full Version: Spell List Critique
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Hey all, just wanting your expert opinion on these spell choices for a Mage / Rigger character who has 12 drain dice. +2 Manipulation at the very least.

Lightning Bolt

Astral Window
Detect Life (Extended)

Increased Reflexes (Sustaining Focus 3)

Trid Phantasm
Vehicle Mask

Alter Memory
Mana Static

Yes, that's 14 spells. Feel free to suggest official spells and any custom ones you may have that could be useful for this Mage / Rigger. I know it's a pretty basic list, but I wanted some feedback. Been re-iterating through the character design several times.

About the only thing I don't see on there from the typical list is Powerbolt. Lightning bolt may do the trick. Detect Sensors and Detect Enemies might be nice to pick up when you get some karma to spend.
Dakka Dakka
Read the description of Fix. There are some problems with the spell. Make sure that your GM agrees that hits and not net hits "heal" damage boxes. On the other hand this spell probably won't work on devices with damage boxes anyway as the maximum mass of the device to be fixed is Force x the spellcaster’s hits in kilograms or less. Also inquire if failed attempts count as The Fix spell can only be used once to repair any set of damage.

wacko.gif Hmm they wrote weight and not mass. Can I levitate my vehicles to make them weightless?
I thought that was the point of Levitate? It just made the pull of gravity less for that object.

Since he was a Rigger the Fix spell seemed a no-brainer. Even if it doesn't work that well for complex objects it's nice to have. Perhaps I should put a fetish on that...
An almost mandatory spell for most casters is Sterilize. You don't want to leave any traces at the crime scene.
Dakka Dakka
QUOTE (Generic_PC @ Nov 7 2009, 02:23 AM) *
An almost mandatory spell for most casters is Sterilize. You don't want to leave any traces at the crime scene.
Still there is the problem with normal spell rules. Only that which you can see is affected. This could prove a roblem if traces are hidden. Againthis isa spell where you want to have as many hits as possible.
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