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Full Version: cyber tech getting ever closer
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Straight Razor
cyber hand
"Scientists have successfully wired a state-of-the-art artificial hand to existing nerve endings in the stump of a severed arm."
DNI here we come.

Also you can now see with your tongue!
*scribbles down on my schedule to put the emergency hotline phone number on speed dial and buy a meat cleaver a few year from now*
Things like these make me happy, as I've been following the updates on the field for years.

Although for years they've been trying to map how the body does neural impulses for and seems they've finally been able o capitalize on all that research.

Then again I'm still waiting for my Move By Wire.
I want my DNI please. And cybereyes.
Straight Razor
yea, cyber eyes would be great... as long as their not routed through my tongue. "that color taste pretty"
Heath Robinson
QUOTE (Straight Razor @ Nov 6 2009, 03:27 PM) *
Also you can now see with your tongue!

When it becomes cheap enough, I'd like one with a Near-IR camera. It'll be a good replacement for my bad eye.
Good idea, Heath:
Unfortunately they found the parade:
For the Meantime:
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