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Full Version: Stasis booth
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I don't have any books handy but is there any listed gear that effective serves as stasis or cryogenc storage? Basically got a comatose body that needs to be transported in suspended animation to a location for neat bioware monstermaking experiments.

If such a thing does not exist I will totally make it up.

The hibernation spell will cause a state uf suspended animation where the metabolism of the target is slowed by a factor equal to the net hits on the spellcasting test. It would have to be sustained somehow but does that fit your requirements?
Heath Robinson
QUOTE (EvilP @ Nov 6 2009, 09:46 PM) *
It would have to be sustained somehow

Quickening for long term, sustaining focus for short term. Or just throwing down Psyche, which halves your sustaining penalty. That's 200 nuyen a pop iirc. They could get their Johnson to cover it as an operational expense.

Alternatively, use multiple doses of Slab with Carcerands. That'll be pricier than Psyche, but if they don't have a Mage (or their Mage doesn't want to foot the bill to learn Hibernation) then it's a totally viable solution. Charge the Johnson as an operational expense.
The Stabilisation Unit p250 SR2/305 SR3 slows patient demise by a factor of rating x 60.
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