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Full Version: Multiprocessing and Rigging
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I am playing a rigger techno who recently submerged. I was thinking of picking up multiprocessing as my echo but had a few questions. Will this allow me to rig two drones but one will be a half dicepool? Or maybe... It says I had half my skill to the dice pool. Would this allow me to add half my skill to the drones dicepool? Or if I have this all wrong just a rundown of how Multiprocessing works with riggers?

Great question. Not much into rigging myself, but I've been trying to get the Unwired rules down so I figured I'd toss my opinion your way and see what you or others thought. My read is that multiprocessing doesn't directly impact rigging in the way you have in mind. Rigging, at least in the traditional control rig perspective interacts directly with your neuromuscular system (like skillwires). Although a technomancer isn't using a control rig per say, I'm assuming the biological equivalent.

I'm guessing by 'rig two drones' you want to 'jump into' two drones and control them directly? I'd say that although you couldn't jump into more than one drones at the same time, there might be some other things that multiprocessing could do for a rigger.

1) You may control one (or more depending on submersion grade) drones in addition to the one you are jumped into.
1a) Or you may also chose to 'keep an eye on' one (or more depending on submersion grade) drone beyond the one you are actively controlling.
2) You may use half of the dice granted by your Command program in place of the drones attributes for action tests (except perception).

Keep in mind this is just my take on the rules. In all honesty we really need a Rigger 4.
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