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Full Version: How fast do magic fingers fly?
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Patrick the Gnome
Alright, so this sounds like a cool spell (pg. 203-204 main book) and I can think of a few creative uses for it, but how fast does it move exactly? It says it can reach any point that I can see and that I can pick things up with it, so what if I want to pick up an object and bring it to me, or send it to an enemy, or what if I want to pick myself up with the spell, assuming I've got a few invisible hands going at the same time? This sounds like an interesting way to gain self-powered flight to me, although that might be pushing it.
Ol' Scratch
It's pretty much just a variation of Levitate. I believe they go into more detail about speed with that spell, so you should just reference that.
Dakka Dakka
The hands have the speed of thought but anything you want to manipulate with them gets a speed according to the description of the spell.
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