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Full Version: Insect Spirits
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Mana Child
I know vaguely what they are from reading the bug city stuff in SR3.

but is there anything else interesting people could tell me about them?
Ask AnHi nyahnyah.gif
Mana Child
that was pretty good thanks alot dude.

Anything else that anyone knows that isnt contained in that?
As a player, it's OKAY for you to not know about Insect Spirits. You might enjoy the game more if you don't read these things, and instead experience your character discovering this stuff on his own.

However, if you want to know more, check out this topic from a week ago. It's mostly information needed by GMs. Bug Spirits
APDS ammo.
Artillery support.
Layered spell defense.
White phosphorus.
Great form city spirits on the astral.
If it doesn't require a tripod, it's too damn small.
Digital Heroin
Bah... my goal for Blitzkreig (of Bleeding Edge) is for him to one day be able to pummel an Insect Spirit to destruction with his fists... nyahnyah.gif

sorry post should have been made in disrupting insectspirits frown.gif
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