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Full Version: Corporate Taxation
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Jason Farlander
A few random questions that struck me as being somewhat important, but for which I dont recall having seen any canon clarifications...

Do multinational corporations pay income taxes? Do corporate citizens pay taxes to the nations in which they reside? How would the taxation of corporations or corporate citizens be inforced, considering the extraterritoriality granted such institutions? Do the population figures listed in SoNA include corporate citizens? How many *purely* corporate citizens are there in the UCAS?

If governments do not generate revenue from corporate income tax, or income tax from corporate citizens, how do they make up for that vast amount of lost revenue?
Digital Heroin
Property tax... sure the site's extraterritorial... as long as the big bad corp pays out the hoop to the people who own the land around them...
I can see that if the corp worker lives in Seattle, but works in the Renraku Arcology, he's probably going ot have to pay income taxes for being a resident of the UCAS... I doubt taxation will work much differently unless the work worker works for an extraterratorial corp and lives on thier land as well. Then they'll probably not pay any taxes on stuff since it'll just be factored into what they're payed as employees and such.
Corp citizenship is included in SoNA's population numbers. Check the Corporate Affiliation % in the sidebars.
Crimsondude 2.0
Being treated like a pre-Civil War slave is also included in the deal if you become a "fugitive."
Multinationals pay taxes like they do nowadays. And like nowadays They can hide a part in offshore companies and similar trick, otherwise they are submitted to any laws a governement is willing to pass. According to Corporate Download, extraterritorial megacorps are "in practice" "expected" to pay taxes. A dispute between a state and a megacorp about taxes or about anything else (like a police unit entering extraterritorial ground to seize due taxes) can only be settled by the Corporate Court, or 'out of court' of course.
IIRC, one of the books mentioned that something like at least half of the Megas in Seattle paid less than five nuyen taxes in one year due to financial skullduggery.
yeah, but i bet they paid a pretty penny in bribes. not as much as they would have in taxes (obviously), but it's still an expense. a government can make it impossible to turn a profit in the area that government has jurisdiction over; if the wheels aren't greased somehow, that corp's commerce will come to a grinding halt.
Crimsondude 2.0
Not to mention all of the lawyers and CPAs charging 1,000-2,000 nuyen an hour (if that low) going over every minute tax code regulation across the globe. The IRS puts out new regs every week, and it's just one government. THey have to deal with the thousands of cities and municipalities, states and counties as well. Then there's the lobbyists to stop them, and the runners to take care of the problems which are on the wrong side of a cost-benefit equation.
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