Fragile Weakness, listed in the description of the following critters, has the number listed normally (IE: Fragile 1): Penguin, page 89; Sea Lion, Similar Animals: Sea Otter, page 89; Medium and Small Domestic Dog, page 92; Green Monkey, Similar Animals: Marmoset, page 94; Aardvark, page 95, including Similar Animals: Rabbit, same page; Beaver, page 95; Domestic Cat, page 96; Ferret, page 96; Raccoon, page 96; Anole, Similar Animals: Iguana, page 96; Crow, page 98, including Similar Animals: Bat and Grouse (Quail), same page; Eagle Owl, Similar Animals: Barn Owl (Snow Owl), Falcon (Secretary Bird), and Kestrel, page 99; Duck, page 99; Blood Dog, page 163; Dakkaryne, page 166.

The following listings were all listed with the number in parenthises (IE: Fragile (1)): Dog Asp, page 102; Harpy, listed on page 103, the Weakness is on page 104; Nimue's Salamander, page 104; Siren, listed on page 105, the Weakness is on page 106; Stonebinder, page 106; Road Racer, page 114; Shadow Crawler, page 115; Alufye, page 127; Anwumba Bavole, page 127; Firebird, listed on page 143, Weakness on page 144; Merlin Hawk, listed on page 145, Weakness on page 146; Novopossom, listed on page 146, Weakness on page 147; Pricuricu, page 149; Tarantella, listed on page 149, Weakness on page 150; Blackberry Cat, page 152; Stormcrow, listed on page 156, Weakness on page 157.

This is a problem because the same quality is listed two different ways; one with simply the number, and the other with the number in parenthises.

Suggested Correction: Choose the correct form, either "Fragile X," or "Fragile (X)," and make the appropriate changes.

Page 82, Gorgon, 1st paragraph, 3rd sentence, "vestigal lungs." A vestigal appendage is one that is non-functioning, and as these lungs allow it to operate on the surface, they're not very vestigal, are they.

Suggested Correction: Re-write this sentence to read: "Primarily a water dweller with well-concealed gills on its long neck, the gorgon also possesses functional lungs, allowing it to operate on the surface indefinately."

Mutants and Toxic Critters, page 160-167.

Sample Mutant Critters, page 163. Some creatures are given the Gestalt Consciousness positive quality, although this quality is not listed in the avaiable power selection.

Suggested Correction: Add Gestalt Consciousness to the list of qualities found on page 162.

Blood Dog, page 163. Fragile 1 is listed in the Powers section of the critter, but Fragile is a Weakness.

Suggested Correction: Move Fragile 1 to the Weaknesses section of the critter's listing.

Blood Dog, page 163, Similar Animals: Blood Dog (Wolf Variant): The -1 Reach is inconsistant with the Wolf's stats from page 291, SR4 Core Rulebook.

Suggested Correction: Remove either (Wolf Variant) or the -1 Reach for the "Fang" attack, and possibly rename "Fang" attack to "Bite."

Hellcow, page 163. This creature has the Corrosive Spit power, which appears on the list of Toxic Powers, not the list for mutant qualities. Also, the Hellcow does not have a magic attribute, therefore nullifying its Corrosive Spit power, as Corrosive Spit deals damage equal to the critter's Magic Attribute, in this case 0.

Suggested Correction: Move Hellcow to Sample Toxic Critters, page 165, and give it a Magic Attribute. Speaking of which...

Creating A Toxic Critter, page 165. While there exist rules to grant paranormal powers (which require a Magic Attribute) to normal critters (which do not have a Magic Attribute), no rule exists which grants a Magic Attribute.

Suggested Correction: Add the following sentence in between the second and third sentence of the first paragraph "Gaining toxic powers grants the critter a Magic Attribute equal to *, subject to the GM's discretion.", where * could be "the number of powers selected," or "its modified Essence, after mutant abilities have been calculated."

Borax Burro, page 165. Under Powers:, listed on page 166, is Corrosive Saliva, a power that does not exist.

Suggested Correction: Change Corrosive Saliva to either Corrosive Spit or Corrosive Secretion.

Sea Leech, page 166. Under Powers:, listed on page 167, is Essence Drain (Blood). This power is invalid, as Energy Drain is the only power with an actual list of different sub-categories, and there is no Blood Attribute, thereby making players immune to this power.

Suggested Correction: Remove (Blood) so that the power is simply Essence Drain, and add the Weakness Dietary Requirement (Blood).