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Full Version: A Q&D review--Running Wild
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OK, I had a chance to pick up Running Wild yesterday at The Compleat Strategist in NYC yesterday, and I've been thumbing through it ever since (I still have another book to read through right now), and Seattle 2072 will have to wait awhile, or until March 2010 when I can pick it up.

But in the meantime, I wanted to post my Quick & Dirty Review of this book.

Each section is well written, and the artwork is great. I have a particular fascination with the Dragons and Technocritters sections, but I'll get to them eventually. At a cost of $29.99 w/out tax, it's an excellent read.

The only drawback I see of this book is the sidebars/inserted windows of text--the background is in black, and leads unfortunately to some bleeding into the text, depending on which print you get at your store. The ones in mine are still quite legible, but a change to a slightly lighter background is hearby requested.

While I know from previous posts about this book that many parabeasties were left out, this can be supplemented by future DLC updates that I have a good feelig will be forthcoming.

Final verdict--worth the price, either store- or PDF version.

Here endeth the PSA. Now go clean up the garage like your folks told you to.
Got it too about a week ago in the Fairfax Complete Strategist. I agree, one of the best parts is how it gives some pretty good ideas on how to incorporate critters into a techno age. Poaching, unassuming bio-drones, war forms, and a lot of paracritters... pretty good.
The Jake
It is a good read. I found it more useful as a reference guide than anything else but I'm getting some good ideas for my games.

Not sure about technocritters though... indifferent.gif

- J.
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