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Full Version: Adepts, Mages and Shamans
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Mana Child
Ive been wondering cuase lately ive been getting alittle practise making characters and passing them around to a few friends i have on the forums to see how they are.
And i was wondering:
What is easier to play?
An adept, a mage or a shaman?

Could anyone tell me.
Also what are some situations where somthing like killing hands is useful and can you use it for astral combat (i'm sure adepts can do astral combat)
Is it possible to use adept abitlities to effectivly augment abilities to make a gunbunny type character thats almost or just as good as a cybered up one?

if ive said somthing wrong here please be nice as there may be a few things that i dont know what i'm talking about.

adepts are the easiest characters to create, period. you don't have to worry about keeping track of massive money expenditures, or decimals lower than .25. you don't need to know a lot about magic to run them, either.
Mana Child
i'm a little concerned that my gm may get pissed off at me if i change to an adept.
becuase ive already showed him htmls for a:
Gunbunny type character and a mage.
let him know you're still new to the game. try to sell him on the point that playing an adept will mean less bookkeeping for him, since otherwise he'll probably have to monitor your sheet closely to make sure you don't misinterpret a rule.
Hot Wheels
If you want to sling spells, a mage is the easiest becasue you have the fewest limitation and don't need to keep in totem character liek you do for a shaman, less role playing to focus on while you get use to the mechanics.
I find shamans the easiest to play. Totem limitations are easy to do, and they give you an immediate basis for roleplaying.

I also find the summoning system a heck of alot easier.

But adepts are the easiest to make, fo sho.
Mana Child

i can find a story link to somthing like killing hands.

Lashing out at a malicious spirit?
that, or simply an advancement of technique. that's the way my adept did it--started out with the vicious blow maneuver, moved on to killing hands.
As previously mentioned, Adepts are easiest by far. Mages require more complex planning, while Shamans tend to be a little harder to juggle in-run.

The existance of spirits alone makes them more difficult to run. Every time they bring in a spirit the GM has to make decisions for a new NPC and the player gets a whole new condition monitor and set of stats to keep track of.

A lot of that melts away when using sorcerors. When a player wants to create their first mage character, I suggest a sorceror.
true dat. sorcerers are also fairly simple.
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