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Full Version: Making "Black Dynamite"
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Posting a build seems almost redundant, because any basic phys ad build would seem to work. I'd probably keep it on the low side, say Improved Reflexes (1), some Pain Resistance and bonus Unarmed Combat dice, and a couple of points of Kinesics, because it seems more in keeping with a street campaign.
Ol' Scratch
I saw that a few months back and the first thing I did afterwards was create an Orxploitation character (just to stay in tune with the Shadowrun world; they're less likely to get their asses laughed at than a stereotype from a hundred years in the past). He turned out fantastically well, too. I think most of his powers were geased to appropriate but over the top trademarks. I think one was a condition that he had to have banged an elf chick (white chick) in the last 24 hours. He also had a stupidly overmodified gun with Custom Look 2 on it.

Was a lot of fun.
I caught it too. Even though it was released in only five cities, one of the theatres playing it was less than a mile from my place. It made me want to play my boxer/private detective Achilles Slade.

I am smilin'.
QUOTE (Mercer @ Nov 25 2009, 11:17 AM) *
It made me want to play my boxer/private detective Achilles Slade.

Hmmm.... any relation to my Bongo Slade, over in the Welcome to the Shadows/Way of the Yen thread?

More to the point, any relation to Mongo Slade?
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