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Full Version: Christmas Break Run
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All right, this year I'm going to be running a Christmas Break game for my college lads.....they're going to have to hunt down a murderer, which they'll find dressed up in a Santa suit, in a toy warehouse, with his running team.
The murderer is a dwarf hacker/rigger, with a couple small humanoid assistant drones, and his allies are:
a Troll heavy weapons/demolitions specialist
an Elf cyberninja
a Human pistols-akimbo acrobatic gun-fu artist
The group will be meeting PALADIN when they reach the warehouse, since PALADIN will be keeping the runners pinned down in there. Any build suggestions?
My group consists of: A Human smuggler, a human B&E specialist/sniper, an elf outdoorsman (usually backs up the sniper), and a Nartaki hacker (with a modified Krish....something cybersuite)
More naughty elves.
General Ripper
This idea is made of win.

Based on your thread, PALADIN seems like the kind who would interpret adepts as "God's Gifts in the most distilled form to deal justice to the decadent" or somesuch, at least as a leader, probably decently low-ranking.
(Unrelated, but Paladin group was a far-right mercenary organization started by ex-SS Colonel Otto Skorzeny in the years following WWII, just for what it's worth Maybe have the guy in charge make comments like "THIS IS FOR DISTORTING CHRISTMAS, HEATHENS!" and getting really fired up that the murderers are using Christmas paraphernalia.
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