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Full Version: I need some shaman help!
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I read in MiTS that there are Shaman that deal with the spirits of the elements. Actually just one of the four, but can't use spirits of man. Can anyone out there go into more detail or tell me where it is in the book? Or do I need to just create a regular shaman and not give him any domain of man spells?
Austere Emancipator
p. 16 of MitS, under Path of the Shaman, subheading Spirits of the Elements. Seems to fit the bill.
A shaman who follows the Phoenix totem (Magic in the Shadows, p. 159) follows exactly those restrictions and is probably what you're looking for.
QUOTE (Yasha)
...and not give him any domain of man spells?

There are no such thing as 'domain of man spells'.
I think he/she meant spirits and not spells.
Sorry I did mean spirits. Thanks for your help.
There are two options. Certain shamans can summon spirits of the elements instead of spirits of man. The rarer of the two versions of this are Pheonix shamans(and there might be another totem that permits this, although I might be thinking of path-follower magic. The more common is that if one plays a non-urban totem shaman who actually spends very little time in urban settings, one can juxtapose the capacity to summon Spirits of Man with the capacity to summon Manitous(Elemental Spirits of Wood).

I might even say that this should be environmentally biased, and that characters whose non-urban totems have tree-unfriendly natural environments could choose other elemental spirits instead, such as Fire Spirits for desert-dwellers, Water Spirits for coastal shamans, Earth Spirits for cave-dwellers, and Air Spirits for shamans whose totems have them living at or above the tree line.
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