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I'm GMing a 4th ed. campaign. My players are working for an entertainment industry and I was trying to think of some trid show channels and shows for my campaign to add some flavor and humor. So far I've got

Urban Brawl with the Stars
Discovery Magic Channel
So You think you can Conjure!
Who wants to Marry a Troll!
EET-Elf Entertainment Channel
The Juggernaut Hunter
The Shadowbeat sourcebook (an old 1st/2nd edition sourcebook) has a whole list of them. Presumably, they are all canon.

Some examples from that book:
Action Shows
"Protector" (Corp Security = hero)
"Bright Lights" ("Protector" clone)
"Shadowbreaker" ("Protector" clone)
"Money Warriors" (Merc show)
"Tyee!" (Popular formulaic show about Thunder Tyee's campaign to free the NAN from the UCAS. He summons the power of the Great Ghost Dance every episode.)

Game Shows
"Pit of Slime" (Japanese gameshow archetype, if you've ever seen one of those Japanese gameshows that humiliate the contestants)
"Lucky Lady" (gambling show, blackjack format)
"Galloping Cubes" (craps and trivia questions)
"What Goes Next" (firehose duels with water-soluble clothing)
"Farm of Fortune" (search for a winning token in a hog wallow)
"Do You Feel Lucky?" (calls random home viewers and asks trivia questions)
"Knock Knock" (pits home viewers against contestants in the studio. If the home viewer fails, a goon squad comes in and trashes the place, thus the title)

Lethal Games
"Suerte y Muerte" (gladiator "amateur hour" with washouts and criminals. Purse of 100,000 nuyen)
"Golden Glory" (twenty contestants are dropped Running Man style into a deadly maze)

"Zappenin' inna Barrens" (Guest star every week, psychopathic Barrens folks abuse people)
"Sans Reproche" (Quebec program, farmboy hero runs into sprawl vice spots)
"I Hate My Boss" (popular comedy similar to The Office)
"Down the Tubes" (racist Ork comedy in the underground about Orks being inferior)
"Glerethiel Morkhan Shoam" (racist Elven comedy about Elves being superior)

"Until Tomorrow"

Talk Shows
"Baking with Aunt Sally" (popular cooking show, guest stars)
"Heavy Hitters"
"Revell's Yell" (host Revell yells at guests)

Other listings:
"Crimson Files" (Tales of Renraku's Red Samurai)
"Kill The Dead" (Ghoul killing, zombie horror style)
"Congressional Scorecard" (presumably like C-SPAN)
"Astroboy" (Rated R, for some reason, nostalgia show)
"Swift and Sure" (Urban Militia reality TV show)
"Lone Star Report"
"Healing Drum"
"Madonna: A Retrospective"
"Have You Seen..." (Missing persons search show)
"I Know What I Like" (Host Ted muses about things he likes, with themes)
"The Stuffer Gourmet" (Food show)
"Way of Kendo"
"Wiz Sounds" (MTV-like show)
"Medicine Hour"
"Perspectives On the Day"
"Around Our Zone"
"Words to Live By"
"Tales of Atlantis" (Atlantean Foundation's TV show)
"Metahuman Rights Review"
"This Week on Council Island" (Seattle political reporting show)
"The Odd Coven" (Popular hermetics versus shaman sitcom, all living in the same house. Hilarity ensues)
"Hour of the Magi" (targets mage wannabes)

There are some more in the book, of course.
Reality Travel
"Antonio Bourdain's No Reservations" (Reality travel/cuisine travelogue)
"Andrew Simmer's Weird World"... formerly "Andrew Simmer's Weird Food" (Reality travel/cuisine travelogue)

Survival Documentary
"Man vs. Nature" (Meet Bear, a survivalist who'll show you how to survive in the Awakened wilderness)

With these two reality travel ones, you can later have the group possibly meeting them at chance around the world... or be hired to either rescue them from a predicament or take them out. The real life Anthony Bourdain's No Reservation, one time he was filming in Beirut when they got stuck there because of the conflict. I can imagine something like that happening in the world of Shadowrun and who ya gonna call? Shadowrunners! wink.gif
In my game, our GM is running a deadly Iron Chef style show called "Shadowrunner Cookoff". The campaign is set in LA, so of course, the "shadowrunners" on the show aren't really shadowrunners (except our group).
In a game I ran nearly 10 years ago one of the PC's had a doll of "Slappy the Lizard" who was the main character of a kids show. We just went with it and had the whole thing be a rip off of Barney, except that Slappy had two cyberarms.
I used to design vehicles for SR3, and the fictional framework I used to release them was an Ares-sponsored [but generally admirably independent] trid show called GEARHEAD! [I tired quickly of the italics, caps, and punctuation.] It was sort of like an ensemble-cast version of Top Gear, by which I guess I mean Fifth Gear, only more amusing. And American.

Given Shadowrun's love for all things vehicular, and the newfound joy of Drones Drones Drones, I would think Shadowrun would have rather a lot of this. And given today's popularity of shows highlighting the weapons, vehicles, and strategies of war, I suspect such things would blossom in Shadowrun as well.
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