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1st and 2nd Ed. had the whole punk/glam rock thing going on - big hair etc.

3rd Ed. had Orksploitation.

Now here we are - 4th Ed. 2072. Where does the music stand now?

Who listens to what, when? Will be be swimming in an Emo revival? Is the Orksploitation trend slipping away from its roots as street politics? Is punk dead?

Your thoughts?
About that time again...

Check out the Search Function.
searching for old posts is so anti-social,

I like the Wiz-Punk myself, Punk never dies in my shadows
Saint Sithney
Sonic bursts of such complexity that they can only be processed and appreciated by people with encephalons.
And plus I don't think that any of the old posts actually discuss this topic ie the direction of the music industry. At least when I browsed through the search is was almost entirely on the actual music itself as opposed to trends.

And I just checked out a scifi book from the library that might touch on this called "Little Heroes" by Norman Spinrad, it's supposed to be a story about corporate controlled music industry and designing an AI to understand the spirit of Rock and Roll so it can produce newer music (which I'm assuming goes awry, otherwise there wouldn't be a story).
When I think of music in the 2070's I think of mainly techno and industrial, some punk, a small amount of trance (btls and bass go well together), the orksplosion kind of dieing down a little bit, but still remaining popular in certain circles.
Well we have the Vory getting into Orksploitation so it can't be doing too bad if a crime syndicate is involved...

I can see Horizon with its fingers in a lot of pies, controlling the market and expanding their consumer base. What about the other corps and their media groups?

But I have a question that is rather close to my heart: outside of the Caribbean, where is the reggae market?
QUOTE (secondrate @ Dec 6 2009, 06:27 PM) *
But I have a question that is rather close to my heart: outside of the Caribbean, where is the reggae market?

don't know about reggae but I love to use some neuromancer style dub in my campaings... when the characters listen to a heavy bass line followed by the sound of a rotorcraft they know its Maelcum, the npc rastafarian scape pillot, coming to the rescue...
Xahn Borealis
I would guess that Horizon puts out a lot of top 40 stuff. Stuff like high school musical, camp rock, various other shit.
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