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I am looking to design a scenario to introduce both myself and my players to SR4 mechanics. Not a real run, something without any consequences. I'd like to get a feel for this system before I really run it, and want to prevent the bad habits my group has gotten into with previous SR editions. This will also insure all the characters are viable, and give my players an opportunity to
change anything that doesn't work before we really start the campaign.

My goal is a simulation, more akin to a video game. No roleplaying, simply the run. I envision a simple facility with basic defenses, that will test each one of my players, as individuals and as a group.

I have 3 PCs (They all have Infiltration at a low rating):

Hawk, an Ork hermetic mage. Average conjuring, maxed Spellcasting with an assortment of combat spells (lightning bolt, powerbolt, stunbolt), and some utility spells (invisibility, trid phantasm, analyze truth).

Altus, a human focused Hacker w/Face capability. Very weak in physical combat.

Caleb, a Troll Adept. Unarmed specialist, with maxed mystic armor (rolls about 25+ dice for damage resistance tests). Average Longarms skill (Spec Shotgun).

- Simulation will allow several different options for completing it (stealth, social, frontal assault, some combination thereof).
- Legwork will give them all general info about security. However, there will be one bit of security left out, to force them to deal with the unforseen.
- It will run about three times or more. Each time they succesfully complete it, I will raise the difficulty, and a new unforseen element will be added.
- They win when they retrieve the package and escape. They fail if they die, or if they do not escape within two minutes of the alarm going off.

The Run
Retrieve (1), package from center of facility.

-Security Rigger w/2 combat drones (Roto Drones w/Assault Rifles)
-4 Guards (Corp Security Guards, the Professional Rating 2 Grunts from SR4A, standard equipment)
-Bound Spirit (Force 4)

Building and static security
Small building in commercial district. Exterior wall protected by high rating maglock. All other doors protected by low rating maglocks. Drones and Elemental patrol space between building and exterior wall. Security guards patrol inside building. Rigger is offsite.

This is just a rough draft...don't have my books on me right now, so I'm pretty fuzzy on the technical side of the security. Uh, let me be honest, very fuzzy. wink.gif

I'd like to keep it as simple as possible, focusing on strategy aside from wiz-bang stuff from sourcebooks none of us have had the time to read all the way through.

I'll edit it as I get more ideas/suggestions from everyone.
If you don't want to deal with a full run, you could always run Food Fight, the proverbial Shadowrun Demo. smile.gif
QUOTE (Trigger @ Dec 7 2009, 08:16 AM) *
If you don't want to deal with a full run, you could always run Food Fight, the proverbial Shadowrun Demo. smile.gif

Lol, they updated that for SR4?

Nah, I like my idea. Just need to fine tune it a bit.
I found this just last night over on ( It's a thread with lots of mini run set ups and one is a "training" mission kind of thing. It's the one called "Back to Basic Training" and looks like it would be what you're looking for and has the potential for being run more than once.

There is a link at the botom of the first post that has them all in PDF format.
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