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Full Version: VR2 vs. Matrix3...
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I was just looking for some input, is Matrix 3 worth the buy? Is there a lot more info than in VR2? Thanx...
Main changes are clarifications to some stuff, extra stuff about Otaku and AI's.

Other than that there isn't that much different. Obviously everything is fully SR3 loved up... there's a few nice things like programming rules for IC and stuff that I don't think were in VR2.0 but other than that not too much.

I'd say about 65% of the material in Matrix was covered in VR2.0
Several of the Program Options were modified as well as were game mechanics on some of the IC. Several new System Operations and some neat SR3 decker tricks were added (including Improvised Defense aka Matrix Dodge).
Is it worth the buy?
if you play Matrix stuff fairly often, yes. otherwise, the VR2.0 rules work fine.
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