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Full Version: Hacker making a Sammy
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I normally play the hacker in the group and thought i would take my hand at making a sammy
so what am i missing?

Hztyr "Big Guy" Hymn

Metatype : Troll

Body: 10
Agility: 3
Reaction: 4
Strength: 8
Charisma: 2
Intuition: 4
Logic: 2
Willpower: 3

Edge: 1
Initiative: 8(10)
Essence: 0.48

Knowledge Skills
Or'zet : N
Bars : 2
Gangs : 3
English (Lingo) : 2
Sports : 3
Club Music : 3
Liqour : 2
Fine Restaurants : 2

Active Skills
Climbing : 4
Gymnastics : 4
Running : 4
Swimming : 4
Disguise : 3
Inflitration : 3
Palming : 3
Shadowing : 3
Automatics (Machine pistols) : 2
Blades : 4

Positive Qualities
High Pain Tolerance 2
Exceptional Attribute(Body)

Negative Qualities
In Dept 4

Cybereyes Basic System (Rating 3)
+ Flare Compensation
+ Thermographic Vision
+ Vision Enhancement (Rating 2)
Wired Reflexes (Rating 2)
Dermal Plating (Rating 2)
Bone Lacing : Aluminium
Horn Implants (pair)
Fang Implants (pair)
Shaped Dermal Plating

Muscle Augmentation 2
Muscle Toner 2

+Easy Breakdown(powered)
Ares Crusader
+Smartgun System, internal
+Underbarrel Weight
Ares Crusader
+Smartgun System, internal
+Underbarrel Weight
16x Stick-n-Shock (10 shots)
2x Spare Clips
Concealable Holster(spear)
2xConcealable Holster(guns)

Form-Fitting Body Armor Full-Body Suit
Armor Jacket
PPP-System Forearm Guards
PPP-System Leg and Arm Casings
PPP-System Shin Guards
PPP-System Vitals Protector
PPP-System Helmet


Commlink : Novatech Airware
OS : Iris Orb
AR Gloves
Analyze (Rating 3)
Browse (Rating 3)
Edit (Rating 3)
Reality Filter (Rating 3)
Scan (Rating 3)
Encrypt (Rating 3)

Certified Credstick (Standard)
Fake License (Rating 4)(a-Machine Guns)
Fake License (Rating 4)(b-Spear)
Fake License (Rating 4)(a)
Fake License (Rating 4)(b)
Fake License (Rating 4)(a)
Fake License (Rating 4)(b)
Fake Sin (Rating 4)
Fake Sin (Rating 4)
Fake Sin (Rating 4)
+ Select Sound Filter (Rating 2)
Respirator (Rating 4)
Monofilament Chainsaw
Rappeling Gloves
Grapple Gun
Stealth Rope (per 100 m)
Catalyst Stick
DocWagon Contract (Gold - per Year)
Stimulant Patch (Rating 3)
Stimulant Patch (Rating 3)
Stimulant Patch (Rating 3)
Tranq Patch (Rating 6)
Tranq Patch (Rating 6)
Tranq Patch (Rating 6)
Tranq Patch (Rating 6)

Jacob (L:3 C:2)

Rachel (L:2 C:5)
'Ware dealer

Triad Ganger (L:1 C:3)

Go Ganger (L:2 C:2)
Your Agility and Combat Skills are pretty low.

Also, you did take the Athletics/Stealth Groups and not the individual skills, yes?

Agility 9 and Skillwires allow use of a ton of weapons. Personalized Skillsofts generate a bonus die. Have your one rating 6 skill be a combat skill so you can spend Edge.

Get Form Fitting armor 3 and use the head pullover and gloves and socks then add all your armor mods onto that so you can switch suits and still have Insulation, Fire Resistance, Chemical Resistance, etc. whether in a tux or swat gear. Consider a Riot Shield. Consider Shock Frills on your Chameleon Suit or Ruthenium'd Swat gear.

Get cyberware that adds to tanking like a Gastric Neurostimulator. Nausea DOUBLES all wound penalties and is dirt cheap. Being immune to Nausea Gas + Nausea Gas Grenades + Inducing Wound Penalties = get out of the ganger hideout easier. Don't assume they didnt add DMSO to their attacks. Add it to yours. That way Respirators wont protect them.

Get combat drugs to counter pain. "Sideways" Genetic Infusion on a high-Edge character is well worth the nuyen. It lasts TWO WEEKS. On a sammie with low edge its a death sentence. Have your team's mage use a spirit to grant the Guard power to you when you inject it so you can't screw it up as badly in the event of bad dice rolling. With the Guard Power and no CRITICAL glitch their is no negative effect.

Combat Axe's add two dice because of reach. Add to yours if you may spend Edge on the roll, take away from opponent when you arent spending Edge in case they do. Reducing the chance of exploding dice and all that rot. smile.gif

Docwagon has to be attached to a single Fake SIN. Get Basic Docwagon on the others since it wont require a DNA sample to be on file.

Fake Permit: Bodyguard might help you.
Fake Permit: Concealed Carry Permit might also help you.

For a good pistol look at the Savalette Guardian with APDS rounds. It can use a Permit but is noisy.
For a good Big Gun look at the automatic shotguns with ShockLok rounds. At +1 AP they penetrate everything better and negate 3 points of armor since it takes 3 pts of armor to counter the +1 AP on statistical average. They also chew up walls like nobodies business. Arsenal has an automatic shotgun with recoil comp standard. Other shotguns cant get it. Get one of those and mod it to do FA then you can use it for suppressive fire.
For high combat games mechanically a Barret 151 modded for BF or FA is better than a machinegun. It couldnt use a Silencer but things die pretty fast to an 18P/-8 AP from APDS doing FA. It certainly outperforms a Panther with much less legality restrictions. Make sure it holds over 20 rounds though.

Powered Breakdown can make it much easier to transport a concealed combat axe or Barrett.

Lastly, see if your team mage will bond a rating 1 weapon focus: combat axe for you. Although it will accompany them in astral space when they arent in astral space its pretty good at beating on spirits. It wont grant YOU bonus dice to use it but just having a magic melee weapon in your hands is pretty darn nice.
When I read the title "Hacker making a Sammy" I totally pictured some SR hacker doing some meatspace scalpel hacking on a fellow runner to turn them into a Sammy. biggrin.gif

Oh well, just a making another character gen exercise, eh? Better luck next time, right? nyahnyah.gif
I don't know what role you see for this character, so I can only give some general advice. Exceptional Attribute is a very expensive quality, and rarely worth it. Personally, it is not that useful the way that you are using it. Trolls already have great Body. If you do take that quality, you would be better served taking it for Agility. Agility and Reaction are two of a street samurai's most important Attributes, and I would definitely move a point from Body and Strength to Agility and Reaction. His combat skills should be higher, and if you take any specializations at character creation, this is where you would want to do it.

For skill groups, ask if the character is actually going to use every skill in that group. If not, you are wasting, rather than saving, points. For athletics, a lower skill and some synthcardium would save you points. Even if you keep it where it is, synthcardium is still a good deal - six build points worth of resources to give you +3 dice. For stealth, you are giving decent ability at things like following people, disguising himself, etc. to a huge, hulking albino troll! I mean, he's not exactly inconspicuous. Unless it is an integral part of your character concept, I would replace albinism with something less visually obvious, such as a moderate allergy to silver.

He seems a bit limited, weapons-wise. A troll tank should have some heavy weaponry, not a pair of machine pistols and a spear. An assault rifle, at the very least, should be part of his arsenal (and he doesn't even need a new skill for it).

He lacks skills outside of his skill groups and combat skills, but they shouldn't be crippling omissions. He can pick up things like basic etiquette, driving skills, first aid, and data search later if he needs to.
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