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Full Version: TM Advancement looking to link some sprites
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I think I'm mainly posting this to get my idea from thought to print of some sort. At this point in the game I play in, I've already submerged once and, after my last run, realize that I might want to make some quick fix type changes to my character until the karma starts pouring in. So, what have I decided I want to do?

I'm thinking of throwing 6 karma down on a linked Machine Sprite who'll be attached to an Evo Orderly. Another 1 karma will be tossed down on a linked sprite who'll be spooling up my Stealth Rating and yet another 1 karma on a final linked sprite who'll be threading up my Exploit (or maybe Spoof or another CF I do or do not have). The total karma spent: 8. I'll have a good way of resisting fading and any harm that I may come upon, I'll have a very good chance of not being seen with a registered sprite further boosting my Stealth Rating, and a decent hacking pool (if I go Exploiting, I'll have a bonus from Black Hat and of course a Registered sprite helping me).

The other two sound good, but I think you can do better on the orderly.

Your orderly comes with a rating 6 medkit - which adds too the relevant skill. You can pick up first aid via the Machine Sprite, which should give you a twelve dice to patch people up. Ask your GM if a Linked sprite may use edge, because that'll significantly boost someone's chances if they're in a bad spot. Or, I suppose you could grab Medicine on the orderly, and rely on the medkit to do its job by itself.

A rating six medbot doesn't seem worth it by itself. Maybe on a steel lynx. Unless you're planning on having it do higher-grade cybersurgery for your teammates - that may definitely be worth six karma. Would have to check augmentation to see how viable that is.

Edit: In terms of making money, you ought to be able to put a Machine Sprite on a commlink or something with a Software autosoft, and have it crank out code to sell.
Hmm. Interesting idea there. I was going to try and give the Machine Sprite something like First Aid and Medicine or some such and / or have it assist the drone in operations. But thinking on it, I may even go crazy and conjure up a few MORE sprites to link and sit around holding a bunch of my complex forms at higher ratings. ... Or save up and Submerge again... Or hmm. Actually now that I've talked myself out of it, I'll just have a non registered sprite do the Drone thing when it is absolutely needed, save the karma it would have taken for me to link the Machine sprite, and still use the other two on the other two linked sprites.
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