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Full Version: Ruthenium on Vehicles
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How much Ruthenium does it take to cover a vehicle? I know it would be based on the body of the vehicle, but I don't know how to figure out how much. Body 0 would likely only be 1 square meter, but what about body 1 and up?
Shitloads. smile.gif But for a more sensible answer, I'd probably be less inclined to use the body system. For cars and stuff you can pretty much use todays versions to work it out and quite a few of the drones have mentioned general their size IIRC so you can work from that, and then I'd fall back on the body rating as a last resort.
Well, I beleieve, either in the BBB or the Rigger 3 revised there is a definition of CF in terms of actualy Xm * Ym. It's been stated that the formula for CF storage of drone supposedly works with vehicles too (I doubt the formula, since according to it, you could stuff a Reball express into another Redball express without breaking it down) but the formulas after applying a little common sense can give you a rough estimate on surface area of said vehicle. I think the folks that did the Rigger 3 book should publish a web table to teh surface areas of teh vehicles, at least as far as they concern things like ruthenium and dikoting.
unless you're actually hoping to make your car invisible, use Photovoltaic Chameleon Paint to change your van's colur scheme and even have logos put on the side (e.g. Doc Wagon, Lone Star, Pizza Delivery, Stuffer Shack Deliveries etc).
I know. Love that stuff, toss in the transponder library chip and the morhpic plate and you've got yourselve a merry little clean car for meet n greets
Would rather have a van, last-last year's model, with some generic transport company's logo on the sides. [i]That's[i/] invisible.
Agree on the chip/plate though.
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