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Full Version: Gunslinging shaman
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How would people make a gun slinging shaman,with 140 BPs.Beta,and cultured are good.

High of magic as possable,along with the least bio/cyber.

So,what would the numners look like?
Beta Cyberware: Smartlink II and Cybereyes with low-light and/or thermo, flare comp, and optical magnification level: 3.

Bioware: Cultured enhanced articulation and reflex recorder of a pistol specialization.

You should only lose a point of Magic, and you can either geas, spend some spellpoints on initiation (if allowed), or get some spells that are Fetish-modified for -1 Drain, to take care of physical Drain from Force: 6 spells.

For skills, take Pistols/pick a "signature gun": 5/7

You roll 9 dice for pistols, plus up to 7 more from Combat Pool.

Take the 8-point Ambidexterity Edge if you want a real two-gun gunslinger.
Alpha SmartLink
- Range Finder
Alpha Eyes
- Image Link
- Optical Vision Mag x3
- LowLight
- FlareComp
Alpha DataJack
Trauma Dampener

That's 1 point of Essence and all the essentials, and with both the ImageLink/DataJack you get to open a whole new world of possibilities (including a decker option as well as a Drone Rigger option).

140 BPs makes it all easy, that's alot of BPs. 60 points towards Attributes, 5 points for Dwarf, 30 points resources 30 or 25 points for Magic and the rest, 15 to 20, in skills. Sorcery 6, Pistols 6, Etiquette 3, possibly Stealth 5. Personally, I'd go lower on Attributes, and more on skills, but you get better numbers this way.

Wu Jen
I never understood why more mages who chose to go the way of losing esscence didn't get trauma dampers. Stage a spell down to L stun and let the trauma damper take care of the rest. 2 things my spell casters always had were mag 3 and trauma dampers
I don't know how BPs work. But my troll is having a riot with a combat shotgun, armor spell, and sustaining spell focus. Increased Reflexes recently gotten so I don't go @ss last.
Ork (5BPs)
Magician's Way Adept of the Wolf totem. (30BPs).
400,000. (20BPs).
Attributes (60BPs).
Edges & Flaws (-2BPs).
Skills (27BPs).

B 6
Q 5
S 6
C 5
I 5
W 6
E 6
M 6
R 5(6)
INIT: 6+1D6
Dice Pools: Combat 8, Spell 5, Astral Combat 8.

Skills: Clubs 4(5), Conjuring 5, Etiquette 3, Pistols 5(9), Sorcery 5(Spellcasting 7), Stealth 3(5).

Knowledge Skills: Salish 5(R/W 2), English 4(R/W 2) Parazoology 4, Gun tricks 5(spinning on finger, and the like), Magic Background 5, Ecology 4, Spell Design 5.

Edges & Flaws (-2BPs):
Ambidexterity Level 4, Focused Concentration, Combat Monster, Vindictive, Astral Impressions, Computer Illiterate, Allergy(Silver; Severe).

Magic Power 4 (Gesture Geas for lost Magic Point), Improved Pistols 2 (1.0), Blind Fighting (0.5), Vision Magnification 3 (0.25), Exact depth perception(rangefinder) (0.25), Lowlight vision (natural).

Bioware (BI 1.25):
Trauma Damper, Reflex Recorder(Pistols), Enhanced Articulation.

Powerbolt 6(Fetish (for drain)), Enhance Aim 5, Combat Sense 4, Magic Fingers 4, Physical Camouflage 5(Fetish (for drain)), Detect Individual 5(Exclusive (for cost))

7 Extra Spell points
Sustaining Focus(Enhance Aim 5, bonded)
Medicine Lodge 6
Physical Camouflage Fetish
Powerbolt Fetish(in right-hand Deputy's handle)
2 Cavalier Deputy revolvers
10 speed loaders of Hollowpoint rounds
10 speed loaders of EX Explosive rounds
10 speed loaders of Gel rounds
20 speed loaders of Regular rounds
2 Concealable Quick draw holsters
Taurus Multi-6 revolver
10 speed loaders of Regular rounds (7M)
5 speed loaders of EX Explosive rounds (7M)
Concealable Quick Draw holster
Walther Palm Pistol
20 rounds EX Explosive
Concealable Holster
'The Professional' Longcoat (2/2)
Armor Vest w/Plates (4/3)
2 IR Smoke Grenades
2 Detection Ritual Materials Force 5
Handset unit Cellphone
Survival Kit
4 Contacts (Lvl 1)
2 Contacts (Lvl 2)
Low Lifestyle (1,000; 3 months prepaid)

[edit]He could probably use some fine-tuning and adjustment, and if you don't want the drawbacks of being a Magician's Way adept (no astral, choose between powers or metamagic for initiation) simply skip the powers and add 25,000, remove one level 1 contact and add a Sustaining Focus (Combat Sense 2 - unbound).[/edit]
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