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Does anyone if they're canon or house-rule? Post here with where to find it. If it's canon in 2ed, can it be used in 3rd? the effect is that you can use betaware and/or deltaware at chargen.
You can find them in Shadowrun Companion 2:nd edition.

2 points:
Availability 10 bioware and alpha grade cyber.

4 points:
Availability 20 cultured bioware and beta grade cyber.

6 points:
Any availability delta grade cyber.
Can they be used in 3rd edition?
I don't see why not. Although I'm thinking that they might be a bit cheap... but then you still have to acutally pay for all the cyber/bio so you can't have too much fun. smile.gif
They were removed from 3rd edition. They caused some pretty serious balance issues.
Wu Jen
A lot of campaigns have house rules that allow you to purchase delta grade cyberware if it can be considered (non-military, non-tactical) i.e. cyber eyes or limbs (without guns).
To take this thread in a new direction:

What skills would you require for characters to generate user-specific cyberware?

More than any runner will get.
Not in my opinion, however, you'd need multiple people with those skills.

Probably a good amount of biotech, cybertech knowledge skill, nanotech knowledge skill, Electronics, Electronics B/R, Computer (and probably B/R) and probably some physics and other basic sciences.

Around 20 people with 6 or greater in each of those would do... although the -time- it took to make said custom cyberware would probably make it pointless.

Still, if you can steal a gaggle of scientists, make them work somehow (invention is hard but not impossible to force) and then wait a few years, its concievable.

In my opinion, of course.
Id allow those edges to be used in my games, its just that I would be very harsh on the player if he went over board on it, like make him very popular with some organization that wants his said cyberware. There is always ways to balance something out, the GM just needs to be a little more creative and cunning then the players, thats all.
What about... Making SOTA Beta a 4 Point Edge, allowing betaware and cultured Bioware. And SOTA Delta an 8 Point Edge allowing deltaware.
The Burning One
Well after consulting with our GM I've been allowed to use one of these edges in a 3rd ED game. It made sense with the character background and even with one million nuyen.gif I think the character managed to end up with a single piece of ware and about 20k worth of equipment. At present I am the weakest character in the game combat wise but have an acceptable selection of skills. Even if/when I obtain the estimated 10mil nuyen.gif it will take to complete the modifications I'm aiming for I expect that I'll still be sitting on the low end of the power scale. And no our group isn't that bad for powergaming.

Mind you I'm also buying cyberlimbs at 8x cost which tends to soak up the budget in record time so that could explain some of it.
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