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Full Version: Hand to Hand combat questions
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I had a player ask me this dissertation of a question, was wondering if anybody could help me out seeing as I'm not all that familiar with the 4th edition rules just yet.

AR159 and AR160

If I was to take the Martial Arts Maneuvers "Disarm" and "Riposte"; does that mean if someone attacks me with a melee weapon, I could go in full defense to parry (which takes up my next action and is at a -4 as per the disarm rules) and if successful in disarming them - I could then attack them per the Riposte rules (which would take up my next available action)? Does that also mean that I have to have turns left in the action phase to perform these maneuvers or does the maneuvers turn cost just carry over to the next phase? Does "Set-Up" work in-conjunction with "Disarm"? Could I use "Throw" in-conjunction with "Disarm" or "Set-Up" or does "Set-Up" only apply to offensive attacks and not defensive ones?

If the above combo's don't work, does that mean I could just use "Finishing Move" to link them together?

Has anyone seen an explanation as to what can be done once you have someone in a clinch besides hold them there?

What does subduing mean in game terms; where is this explained?

Since I am taking the Martial Arts Positive Quality, does that mean I must take the Martial Arts Unarmed Combat skill Specialization or could I take Parrying instead?

Is disarming considered a called shot? If I was to take the Wildcat Advantage (AR158) that gives a +1 to called shots to an unprotected area, does that reduce the -4 from the "Disarm" Maneuver down to a -3?

Thanks for any assistance provided!

1) There are two ways to handle this: A) Since you used a Parry action to disarm, you get to Riposte, and B) Since you used a Disarm, and not a pure Parry action, you do not get to Riposte. I am more in favor of 1A.

2) You use up IPs until combat is over. I think this is covered in either the Errata or FAQ, but your IPs used are "charged" to your next CT. If you use 50 IPs in a 3 CT fight, you end up standing there panting in a dynamic pose with the rest of your team goggling at you until your "IP Timer" runs out, and you continue as normal.

3) No, because Setup requires an attack roll, and Disarm is a defensive roll.

4) You cannot use Setup with Throw, as it only applies to attack rolls. You could, however, successfully Disarm someone and then Throw them, as a successful Disarm is a successful Full Defense.

5) Theoretically, you can Disarm, Throw, then Finishing Move a Setup (I think).

6) Clinch is good for getting that Troll wielding a Staff/Combat Axe into a more favorable position, as far as a dwarf HTH combat specialist is concerned.

7) If you've ever played D&D, Subduing Combat is akin to Grappling, and is found on page 152, SR4.

8 ) You can take (Parrying) instead - nowhere is it said that you must specialize a certain way.

9) No it is not (although I can see the arguement). You may be able to talk a GM into letting you specialize your Unarmed skill for Disarming though.
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