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Full Version: Best Combat Program Options?
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My PC picked up two availability 20 combat programs from his matrix contact as payment for a nasty run. The PC gets to choose the exact build.

I'd like to get thoughts on the best options for the programs, which will be running on a rating 6 commlink. Here's what I'm thinking:

Attack 6 (12R avail)
+ Area 6 (+2R avail)
+ Rust (+2R avail) Would a better option be Armor Piercing?
+ Targeting (+2R avail)

Repeat again with same options for Black Hammer.

Would like to have added Mute (+1 avail) and Ergonomic (+1 avail), but number of added options cap out at 3 for a rating six program.

Ideas? How can I make this the most efficiently lethal progam I can?
Orcus Blackweather
No point in having attack and black hammer, just get the biofeedback option to your attack program. I chose area 3 myself, the penalties to hit additional targets after the third get rough. I also chose AP-2 Since i'm playing a technomancer no real need for ergonomic. You will have to decide that for yourself.
A rating 6 Agent(18), Unrestricted(+2, unwired) Would be a -bargian- buy.

Look at Worms and Viruses. This would be a clever way to introduce a very elite, and nasty, piece of software into the game world. Metamorphic engine would be a must.

I'd go with Exploit 7 - the big book does mention rating 7(14) programs as existing, and being very very elite/controlled/unavailable/milspec, and this sounds like a good chance to acquire some of that - with Shredder(+2R) for +2 crash tests(in 4A crashing is exploit ,not attack), Mute(+1), and Optimization 3(+1).

Pair that with Stealth 7, Mute, Ergonomic, optimization 3 and you should be golden. Ergonomic, because a shadowrunner's commlink should -always- run stealth.

edit: Optimization 3, because, really, its Free Lunch. Optimization 1 and 3 are the same availability adjustment. And you -may- want to run that program on nodes that only have a system of 4. Like your teams combat drones....or your Agent.

QUOTE (Orcus Blackweather @ Jan 13 2010, 04:25 PM) *
No point in having attack and black hammer, just get the biofeedback option to your attack program.

Actually, Biofeedback isn't a valid option for an attack program - its not a databomb, nor simsense. I was looking at it recently - wanted to put BlackICE connection-jamming onto my attack program. The +12F also severely limits the rating, and thereby usefulness, of such a program. Its significantly easier to just make it yourself.
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