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Full Version: "You Know Who" in Shadows of Asia?
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So in Shadows of Asia (end of the the Siberian section?) they discuss the dragon Booryazmei who is called "The Wild Child" by Hestaby, Harlequin and Celedyr- they also mention that if he is around, then so will be the far more terrible "You Know Who".

So other than a Harry Potter reference, who is You Know Who? Did the lightning dragon have any connections in Earthdawn that might shed some light on this?

The Jake
AH makes a reference here to it so I can only presume that is a direct reference.

- J.
hell, i didnt know old AH was still keeping those updated!

or maybe not, as the last entry is for street magic...
The only bit I saw in the AH file was "Booryazmei the "Storm Serpent" breathes lightning instead of fire; reminiscient of the Lightning Dragon in Earthdawn."

It doesnt mention "you know who"

time to dig up that earthdawn dragons book then? i think it got released as pdf for free at some point.
Sounds like the mated pair of adolescent Dragons from said Dragons book.
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