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Full Version: Cyberware scanners, security checkpoints, social infiltration
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How does everyone play this?

How often do you have cyberware scanners being used? Are cybered characters as much unable to go through security checkpoints as if they were carrying guns, so they're prevented from doing social infiltrations at secure facilities ("Hi, we're here to look at the plumbing")? Do cops and security patrols carry around cyberware and MAD scanners to check on suspicious intervals and at confrontations?

With the low cost and long range of cyberware scanners, doesn't sammies stand out like a sore thumb?
Only use cyberware scanners in installations. No portable ones. That's simply too much. wink.gif

But yeah, a sammy won't be bluffing his way into a secure facility like that.

I was going to write a guideline to scanning people. I haven't gotten around to it yet, but I'll post it when I do.. it should also feature difficulties of scanning for nonmetal stuff. I figure it'd be nice to have one paper covering all the different things to scan for.
The Jake
Man on Computer: Who are you?
Fletch: Hello, I'm Peter Lemon-Jello and they told me to tell you your house is on fire.
Man on Computer: Thank you! Good bless you!
Fletch: [to himself] Thank you for believing this shit!

- J.
Saint Sithney
I've said it before and i'll say it again.

You can buy/make badges.

No matter what sort of restricted, illegal or openly hostile shit you've got going on, you can pretend to be a guy who is supposed to have that on him. Pretending to be the plumber isn't going to work though.
i am reminded of the movie version of johnny mnemonic, where the airport security gate things the implant is for medical reasons.

checking the tables in the back of augmentation brings up some interesting stuff. Most of whats there is either not regulated (altho some are hard to get hold of) but interestingly enough, bone lacing is forbidden. I would have thought that at least the basic plastic one would be highly interesting for geriatric medical use...

oh wait, there is a unregulated bioware called bone density, costs a arm and a leg, but is unregulated. the rating 1 version would probably be a grandma option.

still, most of this stuff is not illegal, tho i guess a guard would raise a eyebrow on some of the clearly weaponized variants.
It would be nice if the book presented cyberware from the point of view of legitimate buyers (if only noting 'this is a medical implant', 'this is a common security implant', etc.)

However, yes, you have a few options...
1) generate credentials justifying your having them by virtue of rank
2) generate notes jutifying your having them because of a civilian, non-dangerous necessity
3) have your decker bust into the system to edit it as necessary
4) have your mage use a spell which fools scanners
5) find a way to sneak around the scanners/get on at a later point
6) hand over sufficient bribes/take advantage of contacts
7) shoot your way through

I'm sure you can think of more!
QUOTE (nezumi @ Jan 17 2010, 08:37 AM) *
It would be nice if the book presented cyberware from the point of view of legitimate buyers (if only noting 'this is a medical implant', 'this is a common security implant', etc.)

Agreed. Same with bioware, so we have a means of comparison (bone lacing vs. bone density).
If you have a copy of Runner's Companion, Chapter 2 discusses travel and smuggling. In that section, it discusses specific techniques for bypassing security, such as false credentials, bribery, cons, and the ever famous rope-a-dope. There is also gear included at the end of the section to help with smuggling. Fluff for the win!
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