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Full Version: question about magic resisting
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I know how to cast a spell, but something has always bugged me. That is counterspelling.

Shammy rolls magic+spellcasting to hit Snuffy with powerbolt.

Snuffy rolls body + counterspelling.

Do you roll magic + counterspelling, because couterspelling is a magic skill, or just roll the counterspell skill rating by itself with the attribute?

Does Snuffy roll his body of 3, counterspelling of 4 + magic of 4 because counterspelling is a magic linked skill?

Also, when dispelling an active spell, you roll magic + counterspelling right?

If you add your magic rating with counterspelling with the resist roll, it will go a long way in keeping mages from being ridiculous.
I don't think you add in the magic to the roll... but my 'off the top of my head' magic rules are rather poor. If I'm right it is kinda like using gymnastics for defense. You only roll REA + gymnastics. You don't get to add in AGI just because it is an AGI linked skill.
It's resisted stat (different per spell, some are willpower resisted) + counterspelling, that's it.

It gets worse if you're using area spells, as every target resists with their own stat, while the counterspelling mage rolls that and adds those successes to everyone's hits.
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