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Full Version: Metagenetic Qualities - Claws
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Edged Cyberweapons use the "Blades"-skill, acc. to the description only Shock-gloves use the unarmed combat-skill. But in the runners compendium at "claws and retractable claws" is see this entry:

The character’s fingernails and toenails harden and lengthen
into claws. This can be claws or talons like those of a natural predator,
or spade-shaped digging claws like a dredger. The character
may use these claws to attack an opponent using the Unarmed
Combat skill, inflicting a Damage Value of (STR/2)P.

Makes no sense to me.
Well, here's the thing.

How many people do you know that are born with cyberweapons? None, right? So they have to learn to use them later in life. They are trained in edged (claws, spurs and blades) weapons later.

People born with claws learn to use them from the time they are born. They are extensions of their bodies in the same way that fists and feet are for us.

I don´t think that Surge is mandatory a congenital thing, you can also surge during your life at any time your trigger is activated. So this cannot be the reason.

Ohhh ... ...

I read this as Magnetic Qualities - Claws. This makes more sense now.

Although Magnetic claws could be good .. .. ..
RC p.74
SURGE always leads to a sudden and brutal genetic expression
that radically alters the character’s metabolism and physiology.
Some mysterious mechanism ensures the system doesn’t collapse
as new organs form and are hooked up to the cardiovascular and
neural pathways; while other organs wither, are replaced, or migrate
within the body.
There is a difference between claws, and blades that you can pop out of your hand. Notice that the climbing claws, the closest thing to "real" claws, use the unarmed combat skill.

Although personally, while I see using the blades skill for cyberspurs, I would lean more towards unarmed combat for hand blades and hand razors. I can see it from the developer's point of view too, though - it's the difference between a weapon that you scratch with, and a weapon that you slash with.
The Natural Weapon critter power also uses Unarmed Combat skill to attack.
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