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Full Version: Will this make the game Gun-Fu [Mk II]
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Kovu Muphasa
Let's try this again asking the one Question i was realy wanting.

We are thinking of using the Alternate Combat ranged combat as a Success Test with a threshold based on range.
We were wondering if anyone was using it and how well is it working and how do you handle dodge?
I haven't used it, i honestly never will.
Something about people with image mag or scopes pretty much
getting an easy ticket to kill bugs me.
Sniper rifles are bad enough as is.

QUOTE (WalksWithWiFi @ Jan 22 2010, 04:22 PM) *
Sniper rifles are bad enough as is.


I guess if you want a much more lethal game, I can see why you'd do it, but the players are likely to get upset when they run up against anyone reasonably competent with a gun. It would certainly restrict players who want to Rambo Mode on you, though, and greatly increase the importance of stealth, cover, and perception (especially that oft-overlooked Observe in Detail action).
Kovu Muphasa
We have already discussed the lethality, we were wondering if any one has used it?
1] Does the Number-Crunching match Game-Play?
2] Does it speed up play?
3] How does it mix with the other 2 Alternative Combat Rules?
if you are hellbent on trying it, get a player to come over, and have a practice combat session, off the books, with
some mooks and his/her character.
see how it flows.

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