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Full Version: Need help with a comlink.
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I want to have a comlink that my group's hacker might take some damage hacking in to. He will have it in his possession for a couple of hours, so he can take his time. Should I just make it firewall 6 and then have an agent with attack or blackout? Would that even be slightly difficult? I want him to get in; just actually have to stress a bit doing it.

Litter all the data with seperate Databombs. He needs time and sometimes he HAS to roll bad and some of them will blow up (and maybe take the data with it). Nice black IC and normal IC mixed.

So he has a choice: take his time and not be "hot" but so he loses more data (because fewer dice on his side). Or make it personal and go in hot and have nice hot ICE in his face.
You could also be a dick and slave it to another comlink. It by no means would keep him out, but it would force another roll against another firewall, and you can databomb the ports too (data bomb into the first comlink, then another into the second).

Also put some super high encryption and databombs liberally over a completely unimportant folder structure making him waste some time (or health) finding out it was pointless.
Always keep your valuable data on a datachip not attached to the matrix, or inside your head. biggrin.gif

Anyways, Encryption, Data Bombs and some Attack IC certainly will make things more tricky.

24 hour encryption would slow him down at least that long. Doesn't make for a dramatic hack, but it could lead to some tense moments as the group looks for a place to lay low while the hacker does his thing. There's no telling what the commlink is doing during that time as well, so at the least he'll have to keep it shielded or jammed.
Don't use a commlink. Use a Datalock to store your data. This way they can only get it from your COLD DEAD BODY
Self-destruct function which is triggered when performing certain actions on the link, like opening the file "my secret plans.txt". Everybody expects databombs, but the good old thermite charge still catches people by surprise.
Great one. smile.gif
If you have physical access (without anyone watching you or caring if the device bounces) to a device it's over. You can just copy a raw image of the device and then work on a copy of that.

In the real world this is what drive encryption defends against, but that doesn't work in SR.
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