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Full Version: SR3 Cybercowboy (Combat Decker) build. HELP!
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I'm trying to build a Cybercowboy/Combat decker for SR3

I've not built a decker, EVER, so any help would be great.

Got the basics like, a high IQ & all that, but not real sure
what programs are must haves. What deck should I get to start off
& all that.

Thanks in Advance.

The Jake
I thought SR3 had a combat hacker archtype?

Whats wrong with that as the base?

- J.
Let me try and throw my memory way back nyahnyah.gif

Buy the best deck you can (that'll be capped by the availability/rating, remember, so it's whatever that MPCP-8 deck is).

Picking programs isn't that hard. You'll need MOST functions covered. There are a few you probably won't need (like track). Divide your programs into 'really need' and 'sorta need'. Really need you buy at rating 6, sorta need you buy at 3. Most common functions are file and node editing, access, searching, stealth programs and combat. If you're not sure, buy it at rating 3. It's cheap.

Skills are pretty kind for you. Decking, Electronics b/r. Read through Matrix for all the knowledge skills and pick what you'd like.

Cyberware is a tough choice. There's some nice things in M&M. You'll want a datajack, obviously. There's one other bit of gear which adds to your decking pool. I forget which one, but you want to buy it. Things like cranial cyberdecks suck, so don't go that way. There's another increase decking pool piece which is overpriced, so I'd probably avoid it. Then go through and pick what you like, keeping in mind you have to survive normal, physical combat as well. The microscope cyber-eye implant was another very good one.

Make sure you find some good, safe places to deck from - places you don't mind losing if you're traced.

As you advance, you have a few stats you absolutely want to increase:
1) Your masking rating
2) Your MPCP chip rating
3) Your Computer skill
4) Your decking pool

Programs are very important (too important, really), but they aren't that hard to get. Just keep upgrading them when you have a chance.

As a warning, I've never run with the Matrix book, so I don't know what sort of neat add-ons they have you'll want. However, from memory, there wasn't much that really changed the game.

The Encephalon and Math SPU are your friends! If you have the hardware and can convince your GM to let you build the Deck, it will be cheaper and a lot better.

Let me dig around and see if I can find one of my deckers.
Sleeze and Masking to not get detected. Deception to lower your target numbers for breaking in.
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