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Full Version: The X-treme Sports Runner
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Christian Lafay
Got a game coming up soon and trying to kick around an idea of a base jumping runner. If Triple-X were a Wakyambi and cool. Subtlty is not really in his playbook as far as things are concerned. Bungee jumping, hover-boards, and other such items made for Smoking Aces/Shoot'em Up style insanity. Any one else have any ideas they would like to add to the fire?
funny, I was working on a for fun Wakyambi Character, Here are the rough stats I drew up for him. You'll probably want to use some different skills though.

[ Spoiler ]
Shouldn't you have lost essence (and therefore magic) for the 'ware?
He should have lost two points of Magic for the 'ware - it would cost 65 points, not 30, to wind up with a Magic of 4. Also, he only has 25 points worth of offsetting negative qualities listed, vs. 35 points of positive qualities. And even with the reduced costs in SR4A, improved physical attribute is still 0.75 points per level, not 0.50. And it can't be used in conjunction with muscle augmentation to boost Strength.

A very nice combo of SURGE qualities and 'ware, though.
Sorry, it was somehting I was playing around with. . . . I forgot to figure the essence loss in to my sheet, and as I said, it was mostly a for fun thing, and I wasn't finished with it when I posted it here.
One of my players is playing a parcour runner. Kind of a mixture between the chick from Mirror's Edge and the Scout from TF2.

Elf. High AGI and STR along with Althetics 4, Synthecardium boosters, muscle toners and muscle enhancers. Beyond that, it comes down to personal taste. Can go the sneaky bastard route with gecko grip gloves and high infiltration. Can go the crazy lunatic route with ambitexterous and twin Ares Predators. This character can also make a pretty good con man or face, especially as an elf.
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