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Full Version: Anti-sensor camoflage
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Does the anti sensor camouflage impose a visibility modifier for a character with cyber eyes?
Why or why not?
Kanada Ten
No, and mostly for simplicity.

I see the camouflage working as it does for normal vision, but affecting the sensor's ability to process what it sees. Because the "sensor processor" for a person with cybereyes is still the brain (witness the need for a camera to record) it will affect the person the same as a non-modified person. YMMV
Frag-o Delux
I would think it still is harder to see the person wearing them with normal or cybereyes, it is a dark green suit mixed with black. The suit is right now in RL used to fool low light googles, the ones that show the green fuzzy images. So I believe the suit will still mess with a persons eyes. In fact the USMC has issued a new BDU that is pixelated in stead of the hard lined blotches that the stardard BDU uses. I have see them and even though he was in a hotel lobby it was hard to see him (it was dark) and when I did see him his out line was hazzy and hard to focus on. So I would think yes it will still be hard to see the guy wearign the pixelated black and green suit in low light areas.

Looking for a link to show the USMC BDU, will get it soon.

The link to the MARPAT digital camoflage.
Jason Farlander
No, because video cameras and cybereyes work differently. Cybereyes translate visual (or thermographic) data directly into neural input, whereas a camera follows standardized protocols for video recording. An opticam, however, arguably would be fooled by anti-sensor camouflage.
a good rule of thumb is: If you paid essence for it, it's now part of you.

Cybereyes won't help you against mana based illusion.

Frag-o Delux
I think they named the camoflage badly. Tha fact is that camoflage exsiste today exactly the way they describe it. With black and green squares it makes it harder to see with night vision goggles. Thermo has now ill effect from this camoflage. So calling it sensor camoflage is a really bad call. Since the suit is black and green I would think it would still be hard to see in the dark anyway, that is why burglars wear black. Like I pointed out with the MARPAT camo, the pixelation of the camoflage makes it hard for the eyes to focus on and makes it harder to see. Bad lighting will only make it harder to see. The "sensor" camoflage has nothing special about it other then the pixleation. SO my reasoning is Low light will be effected worst, human eyes either flesh or cyber will still be effected, and all other sensors will not be effected.

So to counter K10 for simplicity YES.
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