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Full Version: Getting your drink on (2070's style)
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Synthohol Dispenser (SD)

While many people are have noticed the change in food preparation and storage there have also been made in the alcoholic beverage industry. With the reduced size of refrigerators and people being used to the convenience and speed of SPUs it was only natural to introduce these technologies to the home bar. The Synthohol Dispenser works by taking an alcohol base and mixing it with various flavor kits to produce drinks similar in alcohol content and flavor to conventional adult beverages. All SDs filter and add tap water as filler and have built in Carbonators that allows for the insertion of CO2 into drinks to make sodas, beers or sparkling wines.(It extracts CO2 for the air and does not need replacing.)

Name of SD
Cost: How much you would pay for one at the store.
Necessities/Lifestyle: Included in your lifestyle costs at this level.
Synthohol Shot Capacity: This is the amount of synthohol (150 proof alcohol base) the machine can store. One shot can make one shot of liquor, one beer or one glass of wine.
Flavoring/Additives Slots These are the slots for flavoring used to make specific drinks. Each container has enough flavoring for 20 drinks.
Wirelessly enabled/Manual only: Wirelessly enabled SDs can be controlled via comlink or by the Central Home Node’s (CHN) system. Otherwise they have a touch screen interface.
Description: Basic description of how the machine works and what it looks like.

Stuffer Shack Keg-O-Rator
Cost: 50 nuyen.gif
Necessities/Lifestyle: Low
Synthohol Capacity: 30
Flavoring Slots: 2
Carbonator: Yes
Wirelessly enabled: No
Description: The Aztechnology Keg-O-Rator is a pony keg shaped SD that uses Sythohol “kegs” (roughly the size of a 40oz can) commonly found at Stuffer Shacks. These disposable kegs plug into the unit and are made of recyclable plastic and are not refillable. The Keg-O-Rator only works with Stuffer Shack “kegs”, but can use any flavoring.
Note: The kegs are Commercial Grade Synthohol and use a proprietary interface so only Stuffer Shack kegs can be used. Cost 3 nuyen.gif per keg

Horizon Socializer
Cost: 250 nuyen.gif
Necessities/Lifestyle: Medium
Synthohol Capacity: 30
Flavoring Slots: 4
Wirelessly enabled: No
Description: The Horizon Socializer is a mini-drink dispenser roughly the size of a modern blender. It is intended for light home or office use or for small social gatherings. It cools the Synthohol to just above freezing and makes excellent beer and wine. It is severely lacking in flavor choices and is generally configured for red and white wine and 2 types of beer.

Horizon Party Bar
Cost: 400 nuyen.gif
Necessities/Lifestyle: Medium
Synthohol Capacity: 50
Flavoring Slots: 6
Wirelessly enabled: Yes
Description: The Horizon Party Bar is roughly the size of a large home cappuccino machine and operates in the same way. It is used by people who like to have small social mixers in their home and by small cafes that would like to be able to offer a small drink menu. The Party Bar can also produce shaved iced for frosty drinks like Margaritas.

Horizon Barkeep
Cost: 5000 nuyen.gif
Necessities/Lifestyle: High
Synthohol Capacity: Three 1000 shot containers
Flavoring Slots: 30
Wirelessly enabled: Yes
Description: The Horizon barkeep is the size of a wetbar (2meters long by .5meters deep by 1.3 meters tall). This is considered to be a full service bar for use in taverns, restaurants or hotels. It features mixing software that is able to combine different types of flavorings to make mixed drinks (rather than just having a flavor slot for Martinis for example). The 3 separate containers allow for a mixture of top shelf synthohol and “well drink” synthohol. The Barkeep can also produce ice (cubed, shaved and crushed) for various drinks.

Price guide:
Synthohol Base (comes in bottles, cans and kegs in most common SD unit sizes)
Commercial Grade Synthohol: 1 nuyen per 10 shots.
Well Drink Synthohol: 1 nuyen per 5 shots.
Top Shelf Synthohol: 1 nuyen per shot.
Premier Synthohol: 5 nuyen per shot.

Domestic beer and wine: 10 nuyen
Imported beer and wine: 25 nuyen
Well drink liquor and premixed drinks: 15 nuyen
Top shelf liquor and premixed drinks: 35 nuyen
That is SO awesome. smile.gif

I will use that on my games from now on.
Ancient History
QUOTE (Ancient History @ Feb 2 2010, 12:30 PM) *

(looks up his AH to Human dictionary)
Nope no idea...

Its funny to see what people really love and what stuff that I get a very lukewarm response to. I think the SPU was my most popular item to date. (Part of me wishes it was some of my earlier critters, but what are you going to do.)
Ancient History
Fifth Element. Robo barkeep. In the spaceport. For pony!
QUOTE (Ancient History @ Feb 2 2010, 01:08 PM) *
Fifth Element. Robo barkeep. In the spaceport. For pony!

Been too long since I watched that. I just remember Ruby Rod's lines. grinbig.gif

So which one adds the olives, tiny umbrella's and cherries? biggrin.gif
QUOTE (Khyron @ Feb 3 2010, 01:46 PM) *
So which one adds the olives, tiny umbrella's and cherries? biggrin.gif

I was thinking of adding that to the Barkeep (at least to add olives, onions and cherries). However I just decided the bartender would add it or that there would be a flavor addition without putting in the actual item. They have to do something to earn their tip. grinbig.gif
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