Astral Hunters (Wild Guardian Spirits)

Reggie was out looking for a quick bite to eat when he came across the spirit. It was only in the astral at looked like all the old 2D vids of vampire hunters, right down to the old brown trenchcoat and crossbow. “Who else you going to send to kill a Vampire I guess?” was the last though that crossed is mind before he crumpled into a heap from an astral stake to the heart.

Astral Hunters are Guardian spirits that very actively hunt dual natured people and animals from the astral. Many will take a form for their preferred prey; be it hellhounds, ghouls, vampires, mages or even other spirits. While many would consider the inability to Materialize or Possess something to be a liability, Astral Hunters use it to their advantage. It shields them from attack and it allows them greater access to their prey.

Astral Hunters
Charisma: F+2
Intuition: F+2
Logic: F+3
Willpower: F+4
Edge: F
Magic: F
Astral INIT/IP: (F x 2)+2, 4

Movement: 15/40
Skills: Assensing, Astral Combat, Counterspelling, Dodge, Perception,
Powers: Astral Form, Banishing Resistance, Fear, Guard, Magical Guard, Movement, Sapience, Search
Optional Powers: Animal Control, Concealment, Elemental Attack, Psychokinesis,