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Full Version: Winter Olympics
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We know from cannon that the Olympic games are still going on in the 2070's but usually people talk about the summer games. What in the Winter games would stay and what would go? What might be added?

Classic stuff like the skiing (down hill and jumping) and figure skating seem safe bets and the European's fondness for bobsled that seems a good bet.

But what about biathalon? Cross country? Ice dancing? Speed skating?

Might we see a snow shoe foot race? Some sort of suicidal bicycle race on ice? Ice climbing? Dog sleds? Maybe some sort of psychotic limberjack tree chopping events? Ice sculpture? Nordic style boat racing?

I'm guessing curling will survive just from pure stubborness.
A lot of the winter sports have trouble *these* days for having really tiny fan populations.

That said, I actually see biathlon surviving - though I suspect cyber would be banned. Smartlinks kinda take the skill out of something like that.
the olympics usually from on all cyber but if everyone had a msart link it would be not too much of a problem. The idea is how steady is your shooting after the skining. Remember the games in Nagano a few years back? They had a blizzard decend on the biathalon in mid run. they called the event and restarted the next day. The effect was that people who had been winning were too worn out to continue at the same level and didn't even place.
QUOTE (Penta @ Feb 8 2010, 10:08 PM) *
A lot of the winter sports have trouble *these* days for having really tiny fan populations.

That said, I actually see biathlon surviving - though I suspect cyber would be banned. Smartlinks kinda take the skill out of something like that.

Smartguns can be utilized without cyberware. And they will. Sights and scopes will continue to be upgraded, and that's just a natural progression.
Rigger type sports


IIRC is all Ware and Magic considered Doping and therefore the olympic games like the most traditional sports lost their popularity to exiciting new "sports" like urban brawl, desert wars, etc.

I was rather surprised they'd forbidden the use of magic and implanting, yeah. Because other competitions will spring up doing just that, and they'll be much more spectacular to watch.

Way I see it, the Olympics will be dominated by corporate teams showing off the newest cutting edge in deltaware cyber for adepts - the razor edge of optimization of magical and technological enhancement.

There's good possibilities for runners there;

* Kidnap athletes because Mr. Johnson wants to know what tech the competition has, and if it can be reverse-engineered
* There'll be deltaware doctors to take care of the athletes
* Sabotage jobs
potential runs based on does X have illegal cyberware/bioware that can't be detected in the system.
Huh, here I was thinking SR4A 2070 version of winter Olympics would be basicly urban brawl but set in colder wilderness areas. Insert scene from a action movie in a winter setting, James Bond vs xXx vs True Lies vs Cliffhanger...
Just taking a momment to pause to remember the Georgian athelte who died on a practice run. His team's entrace to the stadium was probably one of the more memorable events of any opening ceremony.
We all imagine corp teams competing in the Olympics but an idea ofr runs might be soverign nations trying to exclude them as they try to reign in the crops. also a win implies a flag and 'national' anthem. I know Japanese corps hae company hymns but Russian? American? Do I dare ask if SK's hymn would have the declaration "Draconis uber alles"
I think the problem for the SR Olympics may be that if you ban the Corps, they might begin their own Games, and the Corp Games would be more spectacular (and gain more media, courtesy of the Corps..)

I highly doubt the corporations would turn down the spectacular possibilities of Cyborgs VS Adepts.
Corp games would be far more limited- only 7 tripple A corps-for a long time compared to the idea of a national team. It's one thing to play for your company as 1 of 7 and other to play for your nation as one of many.
IIRC: From shadowbeat it does mention corprate teams playing in the regular olympics.
Yeah i know.

For events I thought of swimming through frozen water-a speed trial-but cold water drains strngth so it would be an endurance sport.
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