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Now I'm just waiting for the Steel Lynx.
QUOTE (the_real_elwood @ Feb 12 2010, 11:53 AM) *
Now I'm just waiting for the Steel Lynx.

Pfft, magic here.

Nice find on the flying drone though.
Didn't I just post the fact that they were adding those yesterday? That was quick work.
Nice, but... Shadowrunners got them earlier!
Check this job by Russian runners:
[Youtube - Flying drone]
Nice ! It was like a weapon of mass p....
I still like big dog
basically, they have made it possible for every patrol to have the equivalent of a copter on the spot in seconds.

now, how long until we hear about newscrews using such for hostage situations and similar to try and get more interesting angles of the events?
those are cheep too. the first model was just an off the shelf camera. Well it lookes like the bunch that started with an off the shelf camera and some other simple crap.
Figures it'd be the UK first.
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