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Tiger Eyes
Hey everyone,

To accompany the soon-to-street Vice sourcebook (Street Date 2/23/10), some of us crazy... brilliant... writers and developers have put together a PDF-exclusive supplement. It features 10 gangs, found in a variety of sprawls from Seattle to NeoTokyo to Lagos. Each of the gangs feature full color illustrations, plot hooks, and even stats for sample gangers--it is chock-full of useful and fun goodies. And at only $6.95, it's even more of a steal than those 'links that fell off the back of a truck.

Look for it on Battlecorps or


I think Catalyst could do well with these micro-supplements. 7 bucks falls well within the impulse buy bracket for me... Then again, I've bought every PDF that's come out so far so maybe I'm not the best person to ask. Still though, even if I only use one of the gangs It'll be well worth it.
There are more being worked on. I'm not sure on an exact release schedule, but I'll talk with Jason tomorrow to see what we're allowed to announce.
And there were two other SR releases today, the most recent Shadowrun Missions installment, and Shadowrun First Edition:
On 10 Gangs

Very Nice. Very pretty.

Also very creative and well put together. Just what an over worked GM needs. I really enjoyed the read. Good gang stats and background.

Some are deeply tied to their local turf, but I don't think you would have any trouble using the majority of it if your group travels at all. They provide an incentive to send your runners to far off places and provide serious local color.

Certainly something to give a VERY remember-able twist to your typical Shadowrunner/gang interactions.

Every thing was very tight.

About the only concern I had was that a separate PDF and for that price break, I would have liked a couple of more pages (perhaps more plot hooks or an couple of extra Enforcer/upper Lieutenant write ups). Those are the type of things that can really help a busy GM.
I feel like they had been trying to squeeze it in to Vice.

Looking forward to the next set.

Keep up the good work.
One of the reasons why the "bite-sized" PDFs seem expensive on a "per page" or "per word" sort of scale is because those scales are horrible metrics for figuring out if a book is actually worth something to you. smile.gif

If you use gangs a lot, 10 Gangs becomes mighty cheap and very accessible. If you don't, then you totally shouldn't buy it.

One of the things you're paying for in these smaller PDF exclusives is the information being sequestered: you don't have to read a 192-page book to get the 10 pages that are of active interest to you.

And to be transparent, 10 Gangs was not material that was originally intended for/cut from Vice.

The request for more plot and crunchy stuff is well-noted, though.
More than fair enough. Thanks for explaining.

Catalyst Labs has some of the fairest PDF prices around and I love your PDF/book combos.

And I'll admit as a GM, I have to expect to spend a little more for some thing just for GMs, since the volume will be smaller.

I do think including a more powerful and expanded on senior lieutenant/enforcer for each gang in each book makes it much more useful. Maybe provide how this NPC's MO, gear, and goals are different from the rest of the gang. For one it will help the GM fine tune the action. It also provides a nice contrast for the second encounter with the gang and it provides a chance for additional plot hooks since you can contrast the senior lieutenant to the standard lieutenant and regular gang members.
I think I have to wait until after the end of March, after I get my hands of Seattle 2072 (and Vice, if it comes out by then) & see where my finances lie.

I'm still waiting for the next installment of the Manhattan PDF supllement.
Tiger Eyes
QUOTE (BookWyrm @ Feb 17 2010, 10:15 AM) *
I think I have to wait until after the end of March, after I get my hands of Seattle 2072 (and Vice, if it comes out by then) & see where my finances lie.

Vice has a street date of February 23rd. Let your local store know and they can order a copy for you. Or you can order it on Battleshop and it'll ship very soon. smile.gif There's stacks of Vice, all packaged up in mailing bins in the office right now, waiting to go to their new homes...
I've been reading through 10 gangs as my time allows, it is an excellent little toolkit and I am well please, between this and Knight at the Opera hitting I am a happy little SR junky this month.

Any particular reason it's on rpgnow and not drivethrurpg? Is there something inherently different about the site? I know it's not you guys bag and their the same company but I was jus curious if you knew.
BookWyrm--I've seen Rotten Apple 2 on the schedule. It's coming...some time soon. As soon as I have an exact street date, I'll make sure it gets posted.

Lurker--It's on my version of drivethrurpg...not sure what's going on.
BishopMcQ--Thanks. I'm looking forward to seeing what's been written up for lower Brooklyn & Coney Island in 2072 (I have a freind who lives in that area now, and she got a big kick out of what was written for her area in Palladium Books' Madhaven sourcebook). Since I currently live about an hour's train ride from Manhattan itself, I'm always curious to see other interpretations of the city.

Tiger Eyes---I'm waiting for the end of March because I can do the majority of my RPG shopping at a local sci-fi convention then. If the retailer I know will be there & has it, I'll get it then. If not, I'll call The Compleat Strategist & order it through them.
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