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Full Version: The Double Extraction
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Every 'runner worth his salt will deal with a few extractions over the course of their career. Here's a slight variation on an established category that will keep things interesting.

Instead of extracting one target, the 'runners must extract two (or more!) targets. The targets should be in the care of the same antagonist, but they shouldn't be geographically proximal - it's much more interesting when they're separated. The players will then have to decide whether to hit the targets sequentially, and potentially face beefed-up security at the second location if they tip off anyone at the first one, or to split up the team and make a synchronized strike.

When I ran this, I had two corp employees, partners on a secret project, both under house arrest and awaiting transportation to a secure facility. The 'runners broke up into two teams - one team took an infiltration approach where the other went smash-and-grab. Coordinating everything was a lot of fun, and while switching back and forth between the two groups was occasionally a little complicated, it went smoothly overall. (Well, as much as any run ever goes smooth...)

Suggestions? Has anyone else done this sort of thing? What worked, what didn't?
I actually just ran a mission where the team needed to extract a mother and daughter. THe mother a horizon employee was a security rigger for fun city. Their concern was less extracting her from Horizon and more getting her before another team could snatch her. Long story, the climax was a running gunfight between them, the other team, and horizon security.
A while back we had a run where we were to extract a starlet from her home but leave behind her stage mother/mamanger. We suspected the run was actually financed by the corp that had her contract and wanted to get her away from mo to renegotiate her contract as she turned 18. We found out the run was finacned by the starlet's agent, who wanted to get her away from her mother/manager to renegotiate etc. Only the starlet then capped the agent and paid us to get her the hell out of dodge so she could approach different producers without agent or mom/manager getting in her way.
closes thing to this I ran where the team had to split into 2 groups, one team to turn off a power switch at one location , while the rest of the team infiltrated a test facility across town at the same time. everything had to be timed so the alarms won't go off
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