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Full Version: Sarajevo anno 2072?
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So I'm running a mission set in Sarajevo. I have of course acquired Runner Havens, and the blurb there is great help if a little short. Here is the setting and the events I've planned:

Mr. Johnson wants a women extracted from the feral sprawl of Sarajevo. In her DNA is something of use to his employers R&D division (I have decided she is Class 1 Surge of some African metagenetic variant, I don't know if I'll go anywhere with this), so she can also be extracted dead, although this will mean a pay dive for the team. Turns out, the women is the group rigger's mother (Lost Loved One quality), and my PC (we have two GMs who alternate, 'my PC' meaning the one I play when the other guy GMs) is a merc who used to do tours in the balkans, so he can act nicely as a guide.

They get a generous payment of both nuyen and corp scrip, as well as transport to and from the site and AC-130 support on site if things go south. All well so far.

Thing is, I don't know much about A) Sarajevo as a whole, the geography and culture and B) what sort of good complications could be added to the run.
Here, in bullet form, are the things I've thought about so far:
- Adding a fixer and a 'Johnson' known to the employing corp.
- Having some magicians down there, as a place without proper matrix and power connections and with an assload of refugees,
- Entering a street arena where they could have to fight against either a lizard changeling or a minotaur, something like that.
- Having to stop an ethnic cleansing as an act of hooding, probably being rewarded somehow later on.
- I'm torn on how to find the missing woman. Perhaps she is held by a syndicate getting ready to move her by another corp? Perhaps she has been kidnapped by slave traders? The mind boggles, but I can't find a really good reason.

Any and all feedback on the plot, as well as suggestions on where to read up on Sarajevo (maybe things like what music to use etc.) are all welcome!
Ancient History
Not much help, but the two latest mentions of Sarajevo are the bit of fiction with Elijah in Feral Cities (which takes place in Stari Grad) and a passing mention of the Grey Wolves using it as a beachhead in Vice.
double post, ack
Kyoto Kid
...well for the basic lay of the land/city, I would check out the following.

Sarajevo/Bosnia travel guide sites
One of the 3D map sites

It would also be good to bone up on recent history, particularly the breakup of Yugoslavia and the 90's Balkan wars as the region pretty much became a major battleground again during the last Euro war between NEEC and Muslim forces.

As to the Balkans and Shadowrun:

Unfortunately mirroring RL two decades ago, little "bandwidth" is spent on the region in the SR universe, even in previous versions. Shadows Of Europe devoted only a couple paragraphs to the Balkan situation, pretty much writing the region off as a place for Shadow Ops. It is mentioned that the Balkans are a region of economic ruin where countries rise and fall seemingly overnight and local warlords vie for control. The area is also referred to as "merc turf" as given the political situation, there is always a need for a few extra hired guns. The only other players are intel agencies which, it is said, seek to dismantle any potential power bloc.

Of course all this was prior to the second crash.

One matrix comment points to a faction of Muslim enclaves banding together under two Mullahs in Bosnia which had those in the Sarajevo Enclave worried. While this was eight to ten years ago it still might offer ideas for a plotline.

In SOTA 2064 there is a short news item about the peace talks between Serbia and Croatia talks being disrupted by a terrorist bombing.

In my current campaign Croatia has been occupied by Serbia since late 2054 (the current year is late 2062). With memories of the last Euro war still pretty fresh, the NEEC (save for France) is disinterested in becoming involved, fearing it could become embroiled another in conflict which could galvanise the various Muslim factions in the region. As long as it remains localised, there is only passive concern.
This seem to be (at least in part) the basis for the Sarajevo write-up in Feral Cities. Thanks, it's given me something to think about. Still two weeks to go till the session, so keep suggestions and feedback coming if you have any <3
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