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Full Version: Sensors and the City
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Two questions regarding sensors…

Firstly, sensors and their effectiveness in a crowded location – how do you handle it? For example, our Rigger is in the middle of downtown – scanning away she gets thousands of signals. How does she pick up specific information, for example hunting for a specific enemy rigger in a van, or prevent herself being snuck up apon by drones? How long does it take to filter through the information her sensors are giving?

Secondly, sensors verses Ruthenium. A human has a base Signature of 6. Is this effected by wearing Ruthenium, or by sneaking or visibility modifiers? There’s no mention of it on the Sensor Test table. Can you sweep your scanners through a building looking for specific people or targets? It seems that not having direct LOS is no real penalty so this is possible if the target is within range. How deep does the flux travel through surfaces?

Okay, there’s more than two questions there but I thought I’d get away with it smile.gif

Pg 114 M&M answers your second question(ish)

Game effects, 4th paragraph.
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