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Quick question y'all; I can't track down the answer right now (time and no access to books). I think many (most?) Infected are immune to Toxins (and Age, and... Pathogens?). In those cases (such as Vampires), what is their interaction with Drugs? Do the drugs work, not work, reduced effectiveness? I would like to know RAW, but am also interested in how other people play it (from the GM and/or player side).

Reason it came up is I'm working on some new challenges for our player group (both "goons" and a "prime runner" or two). I thought, "Hey, K-10 does a stupid amount of damage when it wears off... but what if you can regenerate? The (18S?) is unresisted, but with Regen you don't die until you get a heal test. So:

1. Vampire Adept with Rapid Healing (I don't think officially that adept power adds to Regeneration rolls, but we play that it does), who uses K10 in combat.


2. A Kamikaze thrill gang/cult. Normal members hop up on kamikaze, while the "inner circle," a group of high Body Orks & Trolls who have a spirit pact which grants Regeneration, use K-10 when they need to throw down.

Thanks y'all.
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