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Full Version: AI Inherent forms question
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Do AI characters gain new inherent forms as their rating increases during gameplay?

The book specifies that AI characters start with a number of Inherent Programs equal to their starting rating, each at a rating equal to the corresponding Program attribute (via a table in Runners Companion).

It also says that the # of inherent programs cannot exceed their Rating attribute.

There would be no need to mention a 'cannot exceed' cap if it was already stated that they only have a number to start with equal to their rating, unless the number of programs they had could change during gameplay.

I suppose it could mean that the number drops if their rating drops, but do they get new inherent programs as their rating goes up?
QUOTE (Runner)
Additionally, AI's may improve an inherent program rating by 1 for a Karma cost equal to the new rating; the upper limit of the rating of an inherent program is equal to twice the AI's System rating.

I hope this helps.

Tagla Vaasternich.
QUOTE (Neraph @ Feb 23 2010, 03:00 AM) *
Tagla Vaasternich.

With all due respect, it's Talga, not Tagla.
It matters for things like E-ghosts, who don't start with any, but may learn them after play.
QUOTE (AndyZ @ Feb 25 2010, 09:20 PM) *
With all due respect, it's Talga, not Tagla.

Eh, from memory reading it once five years ago. I think I did quite well.
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