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Full Version: Free Sprite?
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Anyone else notice how there's rules to play as a free spirit but not as a free sprite? I think we should remedy this, make suggestions here that we hope to see one day in future supplements. Any takers? I don't think they should be the full blown 250 BP cost of a free spirit, but something more than an AI as well, maybe like 200 BP? Or even 175? Free spirits automatically have the magician quality, and can cast spells and all that, free sprites would basically be technomancers without the tasking group, but maybe be minimum resonance rating 2 (kind of how free spirits are force 2 starting) and their rating affects min and max attributes. Being purely in the Matrix, like AIs, they only have the mental attributes and resonance, which then factor into their Matrix attributes same as with TMs. Any one else have ideas on this, or wanna help me flesh it out?
There was a thread about this a while ago.

I like the "play an AI, call it a free sprite" suggestion, personally.

Though since you're trying to come up with rules to make them playable, rather than trying to create one for a specific game, I'd definitely go with a copy of the Free Spirit rules. 200 BP sounds like a good number. You just have to make sure their abilities match up with that large of a cost.
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