This is not for most grandiose kill, this is for the stuff that made the group use Ghost Busters most quotable Quote

This occurred while running Ghost Cartels during A Stranger in Our House Part I

While Staked out investigating the mark at the club and noticing the three Yakuza also staking out the mark

Hollow: I summon a force 6 earth spirit

GM: Ok…[rolls]…You get one service

Hollow to Uber Gnome: See that sports car over, I want you to grab it, encase it, pull it underground and put it in-between those two sedans over in that parking lot over there!!

Uber Gnome: ohplease.gif [walks over to Yakuza car, engulfs it, crumples it up and makes a three pointer between the sedans]

Elstar: eek.gif [quickly thinking, jumps out of truck and runs into the club screaming about a berserk, rogue free spirit]

Later that night…

Leo to Hollow: Why?

Hollow: biggrin.gif

Leo to Zero: She’s stating to scare me