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Full Version: Contacts?
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I was looking though the improving characters potion, and I noticed something was missing, Karma cost for contacts.

Now I figured that kinda made sense, since you were improving, not them. So I went to look if there was a system for buying new contacts, since if you get something, you should either pay for it (Karma) or lose something for it (Essence). But I couldn't find anything. So I thought this was odd. I have to be missing it somewhere, since I've seen refrence in old Runs about being able to buy NPCs are contacts and the like.

Then my creative side started up. What if a character WANTED to make a contact of theirs better. Maybe they like their good old street doc, or talismonger. Helping them become more connected shouldn't be too hard, and making them like you more shouldn't be too hard either, so in truth, it shoudl be possible to raise their value in both contact catagories, but then it comes back to the same question. What is the Cost.

Anyone have any siggestions I could look at to maybe hammer out some rules of my own if they don't exist already?
Players gain new contacts during the game for free. If you do good things for your contacts (like saving their lives) should increase their loyalty to you. Following the same argument, if you do things that piss off a contact, they should lose loyalty to you (until it becomes 0 and you lose the contact). If you help a contact improve his "rank" like helping a mafia thug become a consigliere, then the thug should increase his connections.
Take a look at the denver missions campaign on shadowrun4 website, it explains how to handle new contacts acquired during a game session.
Awesome, exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.
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