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Full Version: Mystic Adept combat video
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Adept powers in use, I'd guess: Combat Sense, Great Leap, Freefall, and Mystic Armor.
Spells in use: Levitate, Fling, Laser, Group invisibility, Shatter, an overpowered Sterilize, and liberal use of Entertainment.
Also a good bit of Centering.
And the Evil Skill could possibly be a possessing spirit under their control, or some high rating power foci.

Any other observations?
The Jopp
QUOTE (Neowulf @ Feb 28 2010, 08:02 PM) *
Any other observations?

Horrible, HORRIBLE movie?

Don't forget improved reflexes power. I didn't see any group invisibility. Also some shape metal going on. Powerbolts, stunbolts. And don't forget teleport! And some sort of enlarge spell... so crazy.
Can't teleport, so I went with group invis for their exit at the end.
If mages or adepts fight like this, i will never ever again play an awakened character. Asians really make the worst movies in the world....but they excell at video/computer games.^^
Bah, people need to learn to appreciate the humor of a terrible movie.
I mean c'mon, this thing just screams "Put me infront of Joel and the bots".
QUOTE (Neowulf @ Feb 28 2010, 03:42 PM) *
Can't teleport, so I went with group invis for their exit at the end.

Step 1: Get great form guardian spirit with Endowment to grant you and your buddies Astral Form.
Step 2: Use Astral Form to move where you need to be in the astral then have the spirit drop the Endowment.
Step 3: Keep a sustained illusion up that makes it look like you brought clothes and gear with you - physical is best so the YouTube clips of your run don't show you all in your birthday suits.
QUOTE (Machiavelli @ Mar 1 2010, 02:05 AM) *
Asians really make the worst movies in the world....

Tell that to John Woo.
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